Family Feud – Round 1 Surveys

The results are in. How did your team do?



297 – The Mia Family
263 – Le Meilleur
250 – The Vacuums
247 – Well’s Belles
246 – The Family Awesomeobinowicz
194 – The Novaks

The scores from the Fast Money Round will be added to these scores, so nothing is set in stone yet.

Survey 2 was clearly the most difficult of the four. The average team scores for each survey were as follows:
Sick: 58
Nerd: 29
Sharp: 79
Nose: 83

  • Randy pulled in the highest individual score with 180 points!
  • Luke and Gary both guessed three #1 answers!
  • The Mia family was the only team to hit all four #1 answers.
  • There were four answers on the board that nobody guessed: Dress funny, Bad at sports, Razor blade, Air/Breath



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