Pyramid Round 2 Results

Online dating, travel, tricks and the po-po…all the excitement of round two has come to an end. Let’s see who goes on to the finals!

26 — mbnovak/TheDreadPirate
26 — nibbish/hungryjoe
25 — DG/Ashton
23 — Beau/Heather

uberminz/Peggy and Spookymilk/Randy advance to the finals from the Losers bracket, mostly by virtue of both teammates participating.



We have a match!

  1. the motion of what you do on tinder (Ashton)
  2. on tinder, you do this left or right. (hungryjoe)
  3. you _____ left when you like someone on Tinder (Heather)
    Looks like you all know your dating apps…Hey! Wifey!

This is what it sounds like when this cries (song from Prince, singular) (Beau)

We have a match! #2
stick used for beatin’ suspects (DG)
A stick for hittin’ (nibbish)
Lol. I love that both decided to redneck their clues up with the contractions.

The Brooks Maki Award goes to….

Something a hooker does for money. Or candy. (mbnovak)

Novak: I’m still laughing about screwing that clue up. Time was running short, I panicked, didn’t look at the word again… he is 100% going to write “trick”…

Ron Howard: He does.

Novak: …and not even try another guess…

Ron Howard: He does not.

Novak: …because he ‘knows’ it’s right from that clue. This is funny.

Ron Howard: Almost as funny as the actual line from the script. “Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money. [GOB notices children in earshot] …Or candy!”

I created the categories months ago, and it never crossed my mind this would be a  wonderland category for Novak, and that he’d be paired with someone who would get the references.

I will be emailing the winners to try to schedule times when you can play the Winner’s Circle together LIVE with your partner while I am present to moderate.



8 thoughts on “Pyramid Round 2 Results”

    1. It’s all those puzzles. At this puzzle site. Specifically advertised in the email I sent you. Before I ever sent out an email about playing Pyramid.

    1. I was laughing so hard to myself about that. I so wanted to tell you what a boneheaded mistake I’d made. It’s still hilarious to me.

  1. Can we get a list of all the answers? I’m sure I didn’t do a great job guessing on the cell phone thing (me being a cell phone Luddite and all).

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