Puzzlezone wants You!

You don’t have to just solve puzzles. You can make them too! For points!

If anyone wants to submit a puzzle, whether it be an entire day’s puzzle, or simply one point’s worth of a puzzle, I’d love to get your submissions. It can be just like one of the puzzle theme’s we’ve already played, or something entirely new.

  1. Send in your puzzle
  2. Tell me which previous theme it belongs to, or provide explanation if it’s a new type.
  3. DO NOT give me the answers. I’ll try to figure it out before I request the answers. Mr. Puzzlezone would love to be on the other side of this sometimes 🙂
  4. You will receive points equal to amount of puzzles submitted (i.e One point each for part of a Thursday or Monday puzzle, or a full 4 points/10 points for a complete Thursday/Monday puzzle).

The only caveat is that at least one puzzler (or myself) must solve part of it for you to get full credit.

Now…go create!


2 thoughts on “Puzzlezone wants You!”

    1. Yes. He knows. I’m reasonably confident this is just step 1 in his plan to hand over full control of the site to you.

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