TH04 Results & Answers

We have Guzzle results, and we have our first PotH!

These were fun to make and hopefully fun to play.

guzzle01_03 Million Dollar Baby
U.S. Navy Blue Angels Friday Rehearsal for Seafair Angels & Demons

guzzle01_01 Driving Miss Daisy

guzzle01_02 12 Monkeys

3 – Randy, Uberminz, Brooks
1 – Beau, Novak

With that Randy edges out uberminz by 1 point to become the first Puzzler of the Hill! Congratulations! There were a few answers that fit the pictures, but referenced very obscure titles. I pondered, but decided against giving them points, and uber/Randy both had one and it would have been a wash either way for the monthly points totals.



7 thoughts on “TH04 Results & Answers”

    1. Many places refer to common traits of both devils and demons as having red skin, horns, and pointed tails. I will blame all the past misinterpretations, pop deviant art, google images, and the two players who still got it correct…y’know, anyone but me.

      1. A tried and true method.
        I also came up with Angels and Demons at first because Tom Hanks is soooo dreamy. But I guess I was more worried about protecting my ass. I’d be surprised if Randy didn’t think of it too. Wouldn’t have changed the outcome I’m certain.

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